Coliseo Ultima Online
 English Version of Coliseo UO
 1 Agosto 2006

This is our first step in the translation of our web to english.
It is very limited yet, but you are going to find here everything that you need to connect to our UO Server.

For account creation, you must register first in our FORUM

Then enter HERE, first your forum username and password, and then your desired username and password for UO Server.

If you encounter any problem in any of this steps, send us an
with your questions or needs.

Even if our server is mostly for Spanish speaking players, all of our staff can understand and comunicate in English.

Hope that this info helps and that you enjoy this very unique server.

Coliseo UO


Login Server:,2593
Maxstats: 450
Skill Cap : No
Versión : 0.56
Maxclients 255

Files Needed:

Cliente 203

Status : Online

Mapa de Nuestro Mundo













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